Together with us, you will get closer to the Viking age

About us

We are a large group of fighters from Sweden, Åland and Germany. For those of you familiar with fighting terms, we train all styles but mainly Klandorf, Eastern and Huskarl.

To drive our group forward, we work every summer for different Viking-age markets, for example Stallarholmen's Viking market, Gunnes gård's market, Jarlabanke's market and many more events. There we demonstrate Viking Age fighting techniques with axes, swords and spears.

We also show how it was to live in the Viking age, we have household goods with us, our families bring activity and we cook our food openly in the camp. We also take our crafts with us, much of what we have with us in wood, leather and metal we have made ourselves and the clothes we wear and our equipment follow as closely as possible the real findings from the Viking Age.

You can see us quite often in media, we are hired for various media productions if Vikings that follow facts rather than fiction is needed. We have participated in productions for, among others, SVT, BBC history and BBC world.

We are a group with many strings to our bow. What holds us together is the fighting, we see ourselves as a fighting association where training and matches are our main focus.


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If you want to start training with us or are interested in booking us, send an email to our Jarl.